RF system

  • RF System
    Bio Unit

    ˙ Arthro / Spine / Integration Mode
    ˙ 7.0 Inches Touch Screen
    ˙ Min 1W, Max 400W output
    ˙ 100kHz Fundamental Frequency
    ˙ Up to 6 Electrodes can be connected
    ˙ Display Usage time
    ˙ Eectrical Rating: AC 100V/8A, 220V/4A
    ˙ Rated Frequency: 50 / 60 Hz
    ˙ Easy System Setup and Operation
    ˙ Temperature Display feature Available after upcoming Software Update

  • Foot Control Electrode

    Framily ArthroStar I

    Arthroscopy & Sports MedicineBending option available
    Suction Option AvailableBipolar and Multipolar RFA
    Various types of electrode tipsCompatible with ArthroCare
    Stable Ablation & Coagulation
    • AE

    • AA
      Tom 90

    • BH

    • BF

    • BA
      Tom 45

    • BB

    • CA
      Tom 0

    • DB

  • Hand Control Electrode

    Framily ArthroStar II

    Arthroscopy & Sports MedicineOnly compatible with Framily RF Generator
    Easy to Use and ControlSuction Option Available
    Various types of Electrode TipsStable Ablation & Coagulation
    • AB
      Staple 90

    • BC
      Staple 45

    • BD
      Staple 60

    • BI
      BJ Pen

    • 27 PIN

    • 6 PIN

    • 10 PIN

  • High Frequency / ESU

    ˙ monopolar and bipolar modes

  • ATOM create your performance

    monopolar and bipolar modes
    highly-specialized operating modes, e.g. bipolar resection, an endoscopic cutting procedure and ThermoStapler®
    argon plasma coagulation in standard and pulse mode
    automatic regulation of working parameters on the basis of real-time measurements
    instantaneous and average power monitor that enables the operator to control the electrosurgical unit’s working parameters
    colour touch screen and system for recognition of connected instruments, SDS
    control system for the neutral electrode, NEM, and the EMED SAFE electrode that guarantees safety of the procedur
    innovative user interface as well as a large and easy-to-read touch-screen
    dedicated trolley with case for argon cylinder and handy basket for accessories and cables ensure comfort and ergonomic conditions in the surgery theatre
  • Footswitch options:

    ATOM unit features state-of-the-art software that enables quick and convenient updating, whenever new functionalities and modes have been developed.

    Software update is performed automatically by the unit after simply plugging in the USB flash memory to the electrosurgical unit.